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BritBiz is a team of British-owned English-speaking service providers on the ground in Central Europe. We deliver a one-stop business development approach - a seamless route to market. We have one interest - to get you into business here as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible. Once you are here, we aim to help you build your business with full local regulatory compliance and optimal profitability! Meet our team!

Brit Biz is pleased to be working with UK Trade & Investment to create business opportunity and growth. For more detailed business enquiries on doing business in Poland please contact Martin Oxley, Country Head UK Trade & Investment, Poland martin.oxley@fco.gov.uk


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POLAND - The Market. The Nuclear Opportunity.
Presentation prepared by Martin Oxley, UKTI Poland Director martin.oxley@fco.gsi.gov.uk
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Laboratory Reagents
A Polish Hospital has announced a tender for the supply of laboratory reagents. 1st part – Regular supplies of reagent for immunochemistry and diagnosis of infectious diseases for VIDAS system together with the lease of compatible equipment; 2nd part – Regular supplies of reagents for...
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Meat and Meat Products for the Polish Army
Polish Army has announced a tender for the supply of meat and meat products for military units in Poland (Bovine meat, veal, pork, offal, animal fats, sausages, black pudding and other blood sausages, meat preserves, gammon, dried, salted, smoked or seasoned meat).
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CCTV System
One of the Polish regional airports has announced again a tender for development of its CCTV system. This is part of a Project: ‘Upgrading the airport’s security systems through installation of additional equipment and monitoring systems’. The previous tender has been cancelled due...
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Air Traffic Centres
Designing, building, equipping, starting up and configuring a radio communication centres of air traffic management in Dawidy near Warsaw and in Warsaw. A Polish agency has just announced a tender for the design, build and installation of equipment of radio communication centres for the management...
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Radiotherapy Devices
A Polish hospital has announced a tender for the supply of and accelerator for their Radiotherapy Ward.
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Picture Diagnostic Devices
A Polish hospital has announced a tender for the supply of picture diagnostic devices. A Polish hospital has announced a tender for the supply of: “O” type X-ray device with a ceiling suspension, wireless detector and mobile generator; USG device. Bidders can bid for one or...
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Pharmaceutical Articles for Hospital in Mlawa
Polish Hospital in Mlawa has announced a tender for the supply of pharmaceutical articles, surgical sutures and dressings.
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Pharmaceutical Products for Psychiatric Hospital
Polish Psychiatric Hospital in Ciborz has announced a tender for the supply of pharmaceutical products. The tender consists of three lists of products, with the possibility to apply for each of them separately. One list alone covers 367 individual products.
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X-ray Devices
A Polish hospital has announced a tender for the supply of X-ray devices. A Polish clinical hospital has announced a tender for the supply of picture diagnostic devices under the trans-border co-operation programme PL – BY - UA 2007 – 2013: 2 X-ray devices: one stationary and one...
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Night Vision Goggles for Military Aviation
A tender for the supply of 33 sets of passive Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) for use by pilots and military helicopter teams.
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Water and Wastewater Sector in Poland
Poland does not manufacture specialist water sector equipment and there are therefore opportunities for UK manufactures to sell specialist goods and equipment in Poland. This is helped by the relative geographical proximity of Poland, the favourable climate for UK goods and the fact that English is...
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Shale gas report
The Polish shale gas tax environment is about to change dramatically. In his expose in November 2011, Prime Minister Tusk revealed that a brand new tax regime for upstream and specifically, shale gas, will be introduced very soon, most likely during 2012. The Government is currently developing...
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Poland Privatisation Plan 2012 - 2013
The "Privatisation Plan for the years 2012-2013" presents the main objectives of privatisation policy, as well as the list of entities with Treasury shareholding selected to be included in the ownership transformation processes. The Minister of Treasury is the minister responsible for privatisation...
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Business Services Sector in Poland
Crisis? What sort of crisis?! In the time when many branches sent out alarming information about declining turnovers and necessary restructuring, the market of business services in our country grew by about 50% within two years. Moreover, we have become the indisputable leader in the region, beating...
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Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore: Unsure? A 2010 Polish Perspective
Poland has proven to be a leading European BPO and shoring destination. Increasingly more advanced processes and functions are being outsourced to Poland.
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The Polish Water Sector
There is huge potential for companies to engage in Poland’s water modernisation programme: the Polish water sector offers a wealth of opportunity for UK companies of all sizes.
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Opportiunieties in Poland’s Security Sector
Characteristics of the market • The Polish security sector is well developed.  The main international players are already present in the market, including Honeywell, Siemens, Dedicated Micros and Interlogix. • Public security and crime reduction are key government priorities. •...
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Polish rail infrastructure
Visitors to Poland will know there is a lot of work to be done to reform the country’s rail infrastructure – both in track and rolling stock. The scale of the work is significant but so is the opportunity for British companies from SMEs to multinationals. With a huge rise in passenger...
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Business Opportunities in Poland – Road infrastructure
One of the major recent developments of the Polish economy is the ongoing planned overhaul of the motorway network in Poland. According to the European Union, the road infrastructure in Poland needs more development. Due to the rapid development of Poland’s economy, bundled with a substantial...
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Airports in Poland : Major Investment opportunities
Poland’s network of airports is six times less dense than it is in its more developed European counterparts. In fact, on average, there is one civilian airport per 3.2 million inhabitants in Poland; while the average European ratio stands at around 460,000 citizens per airport. This means that...
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Investment opportunities in Water supply and treatment in Poland
Poland’s national environmental policies and reforms, conducted in the 1990s paved the way to the much needed revision of environmental legislation. In fact, this was eventually penned into Poland’s Constitution in 1997, by stating the importance for the “protection of the environment...
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