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About BritBiz

BritBiz is a team of British-owned English-speaking service providers on the ground in Central Europe. We deliver a one-stop business development approach - a seamless route to market. We have one interest - to get you into business here as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible. Once you are here, we aim to help you build your business with full local regulatory compliance and optimal profitability! Meet our team!

Brit Biz is pleased to be working with UK Trade & Investment to create business opportunity and growth. For more detailed business enquiries on doing business in Poland please contact Martin Oxley, Country Head UK Trade & Investment, Poland martin.oxley@fco.gov.uk


               Baker Tilly Poland | Czech | Slovakia


TGC Corporate Lawyers Poland | Czech | Slovakia


With our London office at Aldersgate, we are ready to sit down with you and work on your business development plan with you now. Please phone Valentina at our City office to arrange a meeting or video conference call today!

London Representative Office
200 Aldersgate Street
EC1A 4HD London
tel:     +44 (0) 20 3440 4127
email: vkumnova@tgc.eu


KBC Central European Daily - 15 February 2013
Hungarian forint weakens on deepening contraction Polish inflation should further decelerate
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KBC Central European Daily - 7 February 2013
Koruna sky-rockets in record volume trading NBP delivers rate cut and waits for new forecast
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Water Sector's Opportunities in Poland
Poland’s Water Sector - Outlook & Opportunities (presented by Martin Oxley during the Brtish Water's event on 9th Nov. 2012) Poland - Water Sector (The purpose of this document is to familiarise British water sector companies with the realities and possibilities the Polish water sector...
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Emerging Europe: Emerging Market Opportunities Close to Home - 15 November 2012
Explore new business opportunities in the fast developing markets of Central & Eastern Europe
more »
British Polish Energy Group
British Polish Energy Group Diversification...Efficiency...Security by Martin Oxley, Director UKTI Poland
more »
The CEE region - a European leader for on-, near-, and off-shoring activity.
The options for global decision makers across the CEE are expanding. Optimal decisions require a broader and more considered evaluation. Jones Lang LaSalle presents a set of new research reports: Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore: Unsure? on offshore and BPO investment opportunities in the seven countries...
more »
Can your business afford not to be considering the Emerging Europe Opportunity?
'Emerging Europe: Emerging Market Opportunities Close to Home' presents a major opportunity to meet experts from Central & Eastern Europe, including British Ambassadors and UKTI trade officers based in the region, to hear the latest on the region’s prospects, key sectors...
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Putting you in touch with - Emerging Europe
Nine markets and over 100 million consumers just 2-3 hours from the UK but with much less of the market penetration of more Westerly markets and lower risk then entering BRIC markets. The Emerging Europe region is the most exciting opportunity for UK companies of all levels in Europe. This monthly...
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Weak industry raises prospects of a rate cut in Poland
CNB’s Hampl sees no reason for introduction of unconventional monetary policy tools. On Wednesday, Central European currencies slid against the euro and extended their previous losses. While the koruna and the forint posted only negligible losses, the zloty fell by about 0.5 %. In the afternoon...
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The British-Polish Power Reception, Wednesday 19th September 2012, 15.00-17.00
Over the course of the forthcoming year we are organising a series of high profile events focused on growth opportunity in Emerging Europe.
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Manufacturing in the UK
UK manufacturing has shown itself to be resilient and adaptable in meeting the challenges of the recession. As growth returns, our manufacturing industries will be at the forefront of the economic recovery. Yet, the public image of manufacturing is often out of step with reality. This brief outlines...
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Winning overseas: boosting business export performance
Our motivation for undertaking this report is simple. Business investment and exports will be the dual drivers of future growth – necessary to lift the UK from the worst economic crisis in living memory. In the CBI’s Making the UK the best place to invest and Ernst & Young’s UK...
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Future Champions
Medium-sized business (MSBs) make up a dynamic sector of corporate Britain that has the potential to be a powerful engine of growth for the UK economy as it forges a poth to recovery. Yet for too long this potential has beed hidden - overlooked and neglected by government, financiers and the media...
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Call for mid-size British business
This is a call for mid-size British business to take a closer look at Poland. Are you a mid-size business? Are you a mid-size business which makes something… something which adds value? If so I really want to hear from you.
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Poland Privatisation Plan 2012 - 2013
The "Privatisation Plan for the years 2012-2013" presents the main objectives of privatisation policy, as well as the list of entities with Treasury shareholding selected to be included in the ownership transformation processes. The Minister of Treasury is the minister responsible for privatisation...
more »
Water and Wastewater Sector in Poland
Poland does not manufacture specialist water sector equipment and there are therefore opportunities for UK manufactures to sell specialist goods and equipment in Poland. This is helped by the relative geographical proximity of Poland, the favourable climate for UK goods and the fact that English is...
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Export – the single biggest opportunity for the UK in the new business world
Here’s a view on growth from a Brit who has lived outside the UK for the last 25 years who fundamentally believes in the UK’s core strengths. In the midst of a turbulent Eurozone which by the day is becoming more internally focused driven by a media which chases down countries on their...
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Engineering solutions for the nuclear industry
Innovative and reliable We work in partnership with our clients to deliver high quality, innovative solutions to meet your businesses requirements. Tata Steel has a specialist business with expertise in working in the nuclear industry. In this business, we have over 600 employees operating out...
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Growth, actually
New world, new order After a sharp dip in 2009, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into  Europe has returned to growth. In 2011 there were 3,906 inward investment projects — an increase of 4%. Even more striking, the average project was markedly larger and FDI job creation surged 15% to...
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2012 – On Pole position in Emerging Europe
A joint UK Trade & Investment and British Polish Chamber of Commerce Annual Trade and Investment briefing at the British Embassy, Warsaw, confirms Poland’s position as the leading British export destination in Central Europe and the EU's highest potential growth market. 
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Retail Barometer across CEE & SEE
Developer’s Market Barometer - The size of the CEE & SEE region The seven countries that form the CEE & SEE region have 97 million inhabitants. They offer 14.7 million m2 of shopping centre space in approximately 670 retail projects. Poland has the largest market share, with 51% of...
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UK Trade with Centrall & Eastern Europe
"Emerging Europe" presents an attractive near-shore destination for British businesses. UKTI’s Central Europe Network (CEN) operates across Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.The countries in the region have a combined population...
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The UK and Poland – lots of opportunity to work on a growth agenda!
Since the global economic crisis started in September 2008 the story for Europe has been one of a stalling engine which has consistently failed to restart. Mired in mediocrity and wading through a bog of single market regulation more than half of Europe’s member states are today less competitive...
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